(1) The requirements in this subchapter are in addition to those requirements contained in rules generally applicable to Medicaid providers.

(2) Therapeutic group home (TGH) services may be provided only by a facility which is licensed as a TGH by the department in accordance with the provisions of Title 52, chapter 2, part 6, MCA, and found in ARM 37.87.1011, 37.87.1017, and the manual adopted and incorporated by reference in ARM 37.87.903.

(3) TGH services must be provided to a youth in accordance with an individualized treatment plan developed and maintained as specified by licensure requirements and this subchapter.

(4) In addition to the clinical records required by TGH licensure rules, the provider must maintain the records required by ARM 37.85.414.

(5) As a condition of enrollment in the Montana Medicaid program, TGH providers must pay direct care workers (DCW) a minimum of $8.50 per hour.

(a) "Direct care workers (DCW)" means an employee of a Medicaid enrolled provider, who is assigned to work directly with youth or in youth-specific activities for no less than 75% of their hours of employment. A DCW is primarily responsible for the implementation of the treatment goals of the youth. DCW does not include professional staff.


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