(1) The Department of Commerce adopts and incorporates by reference the following as rules for the administration of the CDBG and NSP programs: 

(a) the FFY 2012 Application Guidelines for the Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Program; and

(b) the Montana Community Development Block Grant Program and Neighborhood Stabilization Program FFY 2015-2016 Grant Administration Manual.

(2) The rules incorporated by reference in (1) relate to the following:

(a) policies governing the program;

(b) requirements for CDBG Economic Development applicants;

(c) procedures for evaluating CDBG Economic Development applications;

(d) procedures for local project start up;

(e) environmental review of project activities;

(f) procurement of goods and services;

(g) financial management;

(h) protection of civil rights;

(i) fair labor standards;

(j) acquisition of property and relocation of persons displaced thereby;

(k) administrative considerations specific to public facilities, housing and neighborhood renewal, economic development, and neighborhood stabilization projects;

(l) project audits;

(m) public relations;

(n) project monitoring; and

(o) planning assistance.

(3) Copies of the Application Guidelines and Grant Administration Manual adopted by reference in (1) can be viewed on the department's web site at http://comdev.mt.gov/Programs/CDBG, or may be obtained from the Department of Commerce, Community Development Division, 301 South Park Avenue, P.O. Box 200523, Helena, Montana 59620-0523.


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