(1) Acceptable continuing education (CE) must directly relate to the practice of chiropractic and be affiliated with or approved by:

(a) national, regional, or state chiropractic associations;

(b) state licensing boards;

(c) academies;

(d) colleges of chiropractic; or

(e) the Federation of Chiropractic Licensure Board (FCLB) Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE).

(2) From the date of original licensure in Montana until the end of the first full renewal period, new licensees can fulfill the 12-hour CE requirement by attending one session of the "new doc seminar."

(3) A maximum of two hours can be in philosophy and/or practice management.

(4) Licensees can receive two credits for each chiropractic board meeting attended.

(5) Internet courses must meet the same CE guidelines.

(6) CE courses considered outside the scope of practice for Montana chiropractors are not acceptable.


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