(1) The designated surveillance area (DSA) of Montana is described as:

(a) Park County – south of Interstate 90;

(b) Gallatin County – south of Interstate 90 from the Park-Gallatin County line to U.S. Highway 191 at Bozeman, then south of U.S. Highway 191 to Highway 84, then south of Highway 84 to Churchill Road, then west of Churchill Road to Interstate 90 at Manhattan, then all other areas in Gallatin County south of Interstate 90, but west of Churchill Road;

(c) Madison County – east of Highway 287 from its northern crossing of the Gallatin-Madison County line to Ennis, then south of State Highway 287 from Ennis to Alder, then west of Highway 287 to Twin Bridges, then east of Montana Highway 41 to the Madison-Beaverhead County line; and

(d) Beaverhead County – from Madison-Beaverhead County line, east of Montana Highway 41 to Interstate 15, then east of Interstate 15, to Big Sheep Creek Road at Dell, then east of Big Sheep Creek Road to Deadwood Gulch Road (BLM Road 1869), then east of Deadwood Gulch Road to Forest Road 8273, then east of Forest Road 8273 to Forest Road 1033, then east of Forest Road 1033 to the West Fork of Little Sheep Creek, then east of the West Fork of Little Sheep Creek to the headwaters north of Round Timber Spring to the Montana/Idaho border.

(2) A map of the designated surveillance area follows:



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