(1) The department shall retain snags and snag recruits in all harvest units involving live timber, including seed tree removals, fire, and other salvage operations as follows:

(a) in all timber harvest units post-harvest, the department shall retain an average of approximately two snags and two snag recruits over 21 inches DBH, per acre;

(b) in all cases, if snags or recruits over 21 inches DBH are not present, the next largest size snag or recruit shall be retained;

(c) retained snags and recruits may be evenly distributed or clumped;

(d) if there is an absence of sufficient snags or recruits, some substitution between the two may occur;

(e) Cull trees shall qualify as recruits provided they do not contribute to:

(i) insect and disease problems;

(ii) pose a human safety issue; or

(iii) present concerns over dysgenic practices. 


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