24.189.633    TEMPORARY PERMIT

(1) A psychologist applicant requesting a temporary permit must submit to the board:

(a) an application for a temporary permit, which must include a supervision agreement signed by the proposed supervisor;

(b) the fee for the temporary permit application;

(c) a completed license application; and

(d) the fee for the license application.

(2) A psychologist applicant for licensure may be issued a temporary permit if the applicant:

(a) lacks only the examination for licensure; and

(b) works under the supervision of a board-approved psychologist.

(3) The supervised practice of psychology that occurs without the board's preapproval and outside of the activities and services exempted under 37-17-104, MCA, is the unlicensed practice of psychology, which is a disciplinary matter.

(4) Before commencing supervision of a temporary permit holder, a supervisor shall obtain board approval. Supervisors must, at a minimum:

(a) be licensed in Montana throughout the period of supervision;

(b) have no less than three years experience as a licensed psychologist prior to the date supervision begins; and

(c) during the period of supervision, remain free of disciplinary sanctions against each psychology license held by the supervisor.

(5) The supervisor shall:

(a) not be required to work in the same setting as nor be an actual employee of the organization or institution where the temporary permit holder works;

(b) be available in a timely manner for supervision in the event of an emergency;

(c) be available to the temporary permit holder's clients for emergency consultation and intervention via no less than telephone communication;

(d) determine the adequacy of the temporary permit holder's preparation for the tasks to be performed and determine the level of supervision;

(e) be ethically and legally responsible for all of the professional activities of the temporary permit holder;

(f) terminate the temporary permit holder's activities and inform the board of the reasons for terminating those activities when it is reasonably necessary to ensure the protection of the public; and

(g) report to the board any breach in ethical, legal, or professional responsibilities of the temporary permit holder.

(6) During the supervision period, the temporary permit holder shall:

(a) when describing his or her activities and services, use the title "temporary permit practitioner in psychology";

(b) when signing psychological reports and other professional opinions, conclusions, and written work rendered by the temporary permit holder, use the title "temporary permit practitioner in psychology", and obtain the countersignature of the supervisor; and

(c) inform each client orally and in writing of the supervised nature of the work and provide each client the name of the supervisor.

(7) A supervisor whose primary responsibilities are in another employment position shall not supervise more than a total of three supervisees, including temporary permit holders, at any one time.

(8) A supervisor shall not be involved in a dual relationship with a temporary permit holder, which would compromise the supervisory relationship; e.g., related by marriage, immediate family, business partnership, employee of the temporary permit holder, or a former client-professional relationship. If the temporary permit holder pays the supervisor for the supervision, the supervisor shall be especially cautious to avoid negative impacts from the financial arrangements on the supervisory relationship.

(9) A temporary permit is valid until the date of the first examinations for which the person is eligible following issuance of the permit.

(10) A temporary practice permit shall terminate no later than two years following issuance.


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