(1) Vehicles exceeding 10 feet in width must:

(a) Display a sign with the words "OVERSIZE LOAD" or similar wording which must be mounted at any visible height on the front and rear of the load. Letters shall not be less than 8 inches in height. The letters shall be black in color on a yellow colored background with the exception of digital signs.

(b) On the power unit, flashing amber lights, a minimum of five inches in diameter, 50 candlepower, 60 to 90 flashes per minute, shall be mounted at each end of the oversize load sign and visible 360 degrees. A single revolving light or strobe light may be substituted for flashing lights. Lights shall be flashing at all times when moving an oversize vehicle or load.

(2) Pilot vehicles may be required under ARM 18.8.511A in lieu of "oversize load" signs and flashing lights.

(3) Towing vehicles must be equipped with two-way radio communications if pilot vehicles are required under ARM 18.8.511A.

(4) Oversize load signs must be removed from the vehicle upon completion of the highway movement which necessitated the signs.


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