(1)  The career and technical education standards for first grade are that each student will: 

(a) act as a responsible and contributing citizen and employee by identifying the characteristics of citizenship across jobs and communities;

(b) communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason by recognizing effective communication and active listening skills to foster positive relationships;

(c) demonstrate creativity and innovation by identifying an alternate solution to a problem;

(d) utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them:

(i) look for and make use of patterns; and

(ii)  try several methods to solve a problem;

(e)  plan education and career path aligned to personal goals:

(i)  identify and describe various careers; and

(ii)  work successfully in small and large groups to accomplish tasks within a time frame;

(f)  use technology to enhance productivity by exploring how technology is used in different jobs and careers; and

(g)  work productively in teams while using cultural/global competence by exploring an awareness of cultural differences to develop a sense of inclusion.


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