(1) The career and technical education standards for second grade are that each student will: 

(a) act as a responsible and contributing citizen and employee by recognizing the rights and responsibilities of citizenship;

(b) communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason by practicing compromise and conflict resolution with support;

(c) consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of decisions:

(i)  compare and contrast safety procedures for different environments and tasks; and

(ii)  identify and explain the reasons for personal protective equipment for personal use;

(d)  demonstrate creativity and innovation by discussing ways people work

together to solve problems;

(e) utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them:

(i)  outline and explain the steps to complete a task; and

(ii)  try several methods to solve a problem;

(f)  model integrity, ethical leadership, and effective management by describing the role of a leader;

(g)  plan education and career path aligned to personal goals by identifying and describe basic work skills that contribute to the success of a team;

(h)  use technology to enhance productivity by investigating how technology in school and at work enhances learning and connections with others; and

(i)  work productively in teams while using cultural/global competence by working cooperatively to examine issues from multiple viewpoints.


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