(1) A physician assistant shall report to the board within 30 days of the date of the final judgment, order, or agency action, any malpractice, professional misconduct, criminal or disciplinary action in which the physician assistant or the physician assistant's supervisor, based on the physician assistant's conduct, is a named party, or any loss of privileges.

(2) A physician assistant shall, within ten days of receipt of a complaint from the board, provide the department with the name of the supervising physician who is responsible under the supervision agreement to which the complaint is related.

(3) A physician assistant with known impairment shall self-report to the board. In lieu of reporting to the board, the physician assistant may self-report to the board-endorsed professional assistance program.

(4) A physician assistant may report suspected or known impairment of other health care providers to the appropriate licensing board or agency; or, in lieu of the board or agency, may report to the board-endorsed professional assistance program.


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