23.18.303    ENROLLMENT

(1) A representative of a participating agency shall enroll a participant in the 24/7 sobriety program prior to testing. 

(2) During enrollment, the representative of a participating agency shall enter the participant's information in the data management system. The representative of a participating agency shall provide the participant with the appropriate program requirements, inform the participant that information may be shared for law enforcement and reporting purposes, and provide the participant with information related to testing, procedures, and fees.

(3) The participant shall sign the program requirements and release of information form.

(4) A representative of a participating agency must enter the following information into the data management system for each participant at the time of enrollment:

(a) the participant's first and last names;

(b) the participant's national identification or social security number;

(c) the participant's program identifier;

(d) the case docket number, jurisdiction, and judge;

(e) the participant's gender, date of birth, race, ethnicity, email address, phone number, address, and current occupation;

(f) the program start date;

(g) the projected program end date;

(h) the monitoring type;

(i) offense;

(j) the supervising agency;

(k) the supervising agent; and

(l) the primary test site.


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