(1) The youth may be discharged from this level of care based upon at least one the following criteria:

(a) the caregiver no longer needs this level of support or is actively using other formal and informal support networks;

(b) the treatment plan for the youth indicates the goals and objectives for the services have been substantially met;

(c) the caregiver is not engaged in the services. The lack of engagement is of such a degree that this type of support becomes ineffective or unsafe, despite documented attempts to address the engagement issues;

(d) the caregiver withdraws consent for the treatment;

(e) the youth is placed in a residential treatment setting with no plan for return to the home setting; or

(f) the youth has moved to an independent living situation and is no longer in or returning to the family setting.

(2) A discharge summary must be documented and indicate the reason for the discharge.


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