(1) No person shall engage in the practice of construction blasting unless licensed or working under the supervision of a person licensed by the bureau as a construction blaster, unless specifically exempt under 37-72-201, MCA.

(2) The bureau shall issue a construction blaster's license to each applicant who:

(a) submits a completed application form supplied by the bureau with applicable fees;

(b) meets the requirements of 37-72-301, MCA;

(c) has successfully completed a training program approved by the bureau in accordance with ARM 24.131.405; and

(d) has two years' field experience in construction blasting.

(3) Construction blasters' licenses are not transferable and must be renewed on or before the date set by ARM 24.101.413. The provisions of ARM 24.101.408 apply.

(4) A license, certificate, or permit issued by another state or an agency of the United States will be recognized and an appropriate construction blaster's license issued if the bureau determines that the requirements are equivalent to those in 37-72-302, MCA.


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