(1) Licensed elevator mechanics, limited mechanics, elevator contractors, limited elevator contractors, and elevator inspectors shall have their licenses available on job sites at all times when employed in these capacities. As provided by 37-73-225, MCA, a licensed elevator mechanic and a limited elevator mechanic are subject to a fine for failure to produce proof of licensure upon request.

(2) All licensed elevator mechanics and limited licensed elevator mechanics shall perform conveyance work only in the employment of a licensed elevator contractor or limited licensed elevator contractor. An elevator mechanic who is a sole proprietor or individual engaging in the business of conveyance work must also be licensed as an elevator contractor.

(3) A licensed elevator contractor or limited elevator contractor shall not allow any person to perform elevator or other conveyance installation or repair work, unless the person is:

(a) properly licensed;

(b) in lawful possession of a valid temporary practice permit; or

(c) registered as an apprentice, as provided in ARM 24.142.405.

(4) Elevator contractors are responsible for obtaining any permit required by the state of Montana or a certified local building code enforcement authority relating to conveyance work and are responsible for ensuring that work performed complies with the permitting requirements.

(5) Elevator contractors, limited elevator contractors, elevator mechanics, or limited mechanics may not allow their licenses to be used by other individuals, firms, corporations, or businesses for the purpose of obtaining conveyance permits or for performing conveyance work.

(6) An elevator contractor, limited elevator contractor, elevator mechanic, or limited mechanic may not perform work beyond the scope of the individual's license.


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