24.142.509    EXAMINATIONS

(1) Examinations are held at locations and times considered appropriate by the department. The department will provide reasonable notice to qualified applicants of the date, time, and location of examinations, or of approved vendors that administer the examination.

(2) A person who has failed to pass any examination may, upon the payment of the appropriate reexamination fee, take the next scheduled examination. Failure of examination means receiving a test score below 70 percent. Applicants who fail the test a second time may not take the test again within a two-month period after the last failed exam.

(3) In the event an applicant fails to pass any examination three times, the applicant must wait at least one year from the last failed exam before taking the exam again, after reapplying to the department and paying the required application fee.

(4) An applicant who has failed the elevator mechanic examination two or more times is not prohibited from taking the limited mechanic's licensing examination. Applicants must submit a request in writing to the department requesting the lower level examination at any subsequent time.


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