(1) The department may, on a case-by-case basis, enter into reciprocity agreements with other states or jurisdictions whose requirements are substantially equivalent to or greater than the standards of this state as a basis to issue elevator mechanic or limited mechanic licenses.

(2) Where no reciprocity agreement is applicable, mechanics licensed in other states may apply for licensure by endorsement in Montana. As used in this rule, "licensure by endorsement" means a formal reciprocal licensure agreement has not been signed with another specific state, but the qualifications for licensure in that state are substantially equal to Montana's qualifications for the same level of licensure.

(3) The department may issue a license by endorsement to an applicant licensed in another state provided that the applicant is seeking a license comparable to the predicate license, and the applicant:

(a) submits a completed application with the required fees; and

(b) holds a comparable current, active license in good standing to practice in another state or jurisdiction.


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