24.26.1088    RUNOFF

(1) The board shall conduct a runoff election when an election in which the ballot provides for not less than three choices (i.e., at least two representatives and no representative) results in no choice receiving a majority of the valid ballots cast.

(2) The ballot in the runoff election shall provide for a selection between the two choices receiving the largest and second largest number of votes in the previous election.

(3) Those eligible to vote in the original election shall be eligible to vote in the runoff election.  


History: 39-31-104, 39-32-103, MCA; IMP, 39-31-208, 39-32-113, MCA; NEW, Eff. 6/4/74; TRANS from ARM 24.26.665 and AMD, 2020 MAR p. 2422, Eff. 12/25/20.