24.210.301    DEFINITIONS

The terms used in this chapter shall have their common meaning as used in the real estate industry, and unless the context otherwise requires, the following meanings shall also apply:

(1) "Act" shall include a failure to act.

(2) "Advertising" means information, in whatever form, used to promote real property for sale, lease, rent, exchange, or purchase, or to promote the brokerage or sales services of a licensee, except that the dissemination of property data to an individual prospective buyer or seller at the individual's request shall not be deemed advertising for the purpose of these rules.

(3) "Agency" or "agency relationship" shall include those relationships which are expressed in 37-51-102 and 37-51-313, MCA, and specifically do not include the common law of agency.

(4) "Agent" shall include subagent.

(5) "Agricultural," "farm," and "ranch" shall include real estate parcels over 40 acres in size, principally used for, or capable and intended for use in, the production of plant or animal crops.

(6) "Buy" or "buyer" shall include purchase, purchaser, lease, lessee, and like terms.

(7) "Closed transaction" means a transaction in which parties have performed all duties in the agreement. In the case of a lease, it would be at the signing of the lease.

(8) "Commercial property" shall include real estate that is principally used for, or capable and intended for use in, the production, distribution, or sale of goods or services, and any real estate which has over four residential units when transferred as a group of units.

(9) "Course provider" is a board-approved entity that is responsible to the board for the administration of approved education courses in accordance with board laws and rules.

(10) "Designated broker" is a broker who has been designated by other brokers of a real estate brokerage company to be the broker with the authority for the maintenance of a trust account, if any.

(11) "Designated property manager" is a property manager who has been designated by other property managers of a property management company to be the property manager with the authority for the maintenance of a trust account.

(12) "Distance education" is a course or courses in which the instruction does not take place in a traditional classroom setting, but rather, through other media where the teacher and student are separated by distance and sometimes by time.

(13) "Electronic records" may include checks and bank statements.

(14) "Entry-only listing" is a listing in which the seller and the seller's agent have agreed to limit the seller agent's involvement in the transaction process.

(15) "Hour" of education is equal to 50 minutes of instructional time.

(16) "Incapacity" as used in ARM 24.210.601, means being in a condition as a result of accident or illness that renders the person wholly incapable of conducting the business of a supervising broker. A voluntary or anticipated incapacity or an extended absence from the supervising broker's office is not an incapacity.

(17) "Internet" means the Internet, the World Wide Web, or Internet-based electronic information distribution networks, and any derivative delivery systems or evolutions of such delivery systems that may be connected to individual computers, terminals, and other consumer electronic interface devices through which information is delivered via computer servers connected via phone lines or other cable, wire, fiber, wireless, or other analogous linkages to a computer, computer network or networks including, but not limited to, web pages, e-mail, news groups, discussion lists, bulletin boards, instant messaging, chat rooms, voice over net, multimedia advertising, links, and/or banner advertisements.

(18) "Internet advertising" means advertising conducted via the Internet.

(19) "Licensee" shall include anyone who has been issued a license by the board or who has made application for a license from the board. For disciplinary purposes, "licensee" also includes anyone with a lapsed or expired license.

(20) "Licensee identification" as used in this chapter means a written disclosure of the licensee's name, and identifying that the advertisement is made by a real estate licensee or by a brokerage company.

(21) "Maintenance service" means any entity hired to perform repairs or maintenance on the property.

(22) "Personal funds" means funds other than trust funds, which belong to the licensee or the property management business. Uses may include, but are not limited to:

(a) trust account maintenance;

(b) financial institution fees;

(c) designated interest earnings; and

(d) purchasing checks.

(23) "Personal indebtedness" means the licensee's personal expenses or expenses of the property management business debited from a trust account, including, but not limited to:

(a) personal bills or expenses;

(b) recreational expenditures;

(c) personnel wages, benefits, and incentives; and

(d) business operating expenses.

(24) "Principal" shall include the seller or buyer with whom the agent has a contract in a real estate transaction. It shall include a property owner with whom the agent has a contract in property management activity.

(25) "Seller" shall include vendor, lessor, and like terms.

(26) "Supervising broker" is a broker who is responsible for supervision and training of one or more licensed salespersons pursuant to 37-51-302, MCA.

(27) "Supervision" shall include substantially day-to-day, active overseeing.

(28) "Third-party" shall include any person who is not the principal or agent.

(29) "Transaction" means a listing, sale, lease, or exchange.

(30) "Trust funds" are all monies belonging to others and accepted by a licensee, while acting in the capacity of a licensee.


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