(1) Parties commencing an action should file prepared testimony or a fact sheet to establish the facts necessary for the commission to grant the requested relief.  If no prepared testimony is filed with an initial pleading, the commission may set a deadline for any party commencing an action to file prepared testimony. The failure to timely file prepared testimony may result in the dismissal of the matter.

(2)  In the discretion of the presiding officer, a witness's prepared testimony may:

(a)  be read into the record on direct examination;

(b)  be copied into the record without reading; or

(c)  be identified and offered as an exhibit.

(3)  Prepared testimony or fact sheets must be signed and verified by a competent witness.  The verification must state that the prepared testimony or fact sheet is true and accurate to the witness's best knowledge, information, and belief.  A witness's signature may be electronic and does not need to be notarized.


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