24.165.302    DEFINITIONS

For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions apply:

(1) "Clinician" means an occupational therapist endorsed by the board to administer topical medications.

(2) "Direct supervision" means the supervisor is physically present in the direct treatment area of the client-related activity being performed by the supervisee and requires face-to-face communication, direction, observation, and daily evaluation.

(3) "Documentation" means evidence of successfully completing a formal instruction program and must include:

(a) an official certificate of attendance or completion indicating:

(i) name or title of the course attended;

(ii) number of hours of course instruction; and

(iii) date(s) the course was attended; and

(b) a course syllabus.

(4) "General supervision" means the supervisor provides face-to-face communication, direction, observation, and evaluation of a supervisee's delivery of client services at least monthly at the site of client-related activity, with interim supervision occurring by other methods, such as telephonic, electronic, or written communication.

(5) "Instruction" means didactic study presented in any of the following forums:

(a) continuing education unit course work;

(b) in-service training by licensed health care professionals;

(c) professional conference;

(d) professional workshop; or

(e) self-study course work pursuant to ARM 24.165.2101.

(6) "Qualified occupational therapist" means that the supervising occupational therapist has been certified in the modality supervised.

(7) "Routine supervision" of temporary permit holders means direct contact at least daily at the site of work, with interim supervision by other methods, such as telephonic, electronic, or written communication.

(8) "Superficial modalities" means physical agent modalities including hot packs, cold packs, ice, fluidotherapy, paraffin, water, and other commercially available superficial heating and cooling devices used on the surface of the skin.

(9) "Topical medications" means medications applied locally to the skin and includes only medications listed in 37-24-108(2), MCA, for which a prescription is required under state or federal law. 


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