(1) The practical nurse may not perform any of the following IV therapy procedures:

(a) initiate blood, blood components, and plasma volume expanders;

(b) access or program an implanted IV infusion pump;

(c) insert or remove any IV access device placed for central or midline administration;

(d) manage central venous access devices for hemodynamic monitoring;

(e) perform repair of central or midline venous access devices; or

(f) perform arterial sticks, arterial blood draws, or arterial inline flushes.

(2) The practical nurse may not administer the following IV medications or IV fluids:

(a) oxytocics;

(b) neonatal and pediatric medications;

(c) antineoplastic and chemotherapy drugs;

(d) investigational and experimental drugs;

(e) colloid therapy;

(f) hyperosmolar solutions not appropriate for peripheral venous infusion;

(g) thrombolytic or fibrinolytic agents;

(h) tissue plasminogen activators, or immunoglobulins;

(i) medications for purposes of procedural sedation, moderate sedation, or anesthesia;

(j) medications requiring titration;

(k) medications or fluids via an epidural, intrathecal, intraosseous, umbilical route, or ventricular reservoir; or

(l) medications or fluids via an arteriovenous fistula or graft, except for dialysis per ARM 24.159.1010.


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