24.159.655    PROGRAM FACULTY

(1) There must be a sufficient number of qualified faculty to meet the purposes and objectives of the program. Faculty includes all nurses employed by the program to provide didactic and/or clinical/laboratory experiences. Clinical resource nurses (CRRNs and CRLPNs) and preceptors are not considered faculty.

(2) Clinical and didactic faculty shall hold unencumbered Montana nursing licenses to practice nursing.

(3) Faculty shall have primary responsibility for the development and provision of the academic program(s), including participation in program policy development.

(4) Faculty shall maintain continuing professional development in each area of academic responsibility.

(5) Faculty involved in simulations, both didactic and clinical, shall have training in best practices in the use of simulation.

(6) Faculty members who have responsibility for clinical teaching shall have relevant education and/or experience and meet all of the faculty qualifications for the program level in which they are teaching.

(7) Faculty member titles should be consistent with faculty functions and the same as or equivalent to titles of faculty of other units of the parent institution.

(8) Faculty members shall be responsible for:

(a) planning, implementing, and evaluating learning experiences;

(b) participating in academic student advising;

(c) student and peer evaluation of teaching effectiveness; and

(d) participating in the selection of new faculty and the promotion and tenure of existing faculty.

(9) Faculty workloads should be equitable, and must allow time for:

(a) class and lab preparation;

(b) didactic and clinical teaching;

(c) program evaluation and performance improvement;

(d) improvements of teaching methods;

(e) student advising;

(f) participation in faculty organization and committees;

(g) attendance at professional meetings; and

(h) participation in continuing education activities, as required by these rules.

(10) When providing direct patient care, no more than ten students may be supervised at a time by a faculty member.


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