(1) A YCF shall have written policies, procedures, and initial and ongoing training curriculum that meet the minimum requirements in this rule.

(2) Providers shall assure adequate and timely training to ensure the safety of youth in care.

(3) All direct care staff shall complete a minimum of 24 hours of orientation training consisting of the following minimum requirements:

(a) an overview of the YCF's policy, procedures, organization, and services;

(b) mandatory child abuse reporting laws;

(c) behavioral management techniques;

(d) fire safety, including emergency evacuation routes;

(e) confidentiality;

(f) suicide prevention;

(g) emergency medical procedures;

(h) report writing including the development and maintenance of logs and journals;

(i) youth rights as outlined in ARM 37.97.159; and

(j) hours required for on the job training.

(4) Therapeutic group homes must include training on trauma informed care in initial orientation training.

(5) Orientation training shall be completed and documented before the staff person may count in the youth to awake staff ratio as specified in ARM 37.97.141 and 37.97.903.

(6) All direct care staff shall complete the following certification training within six months of hire:

(a) the use of de-escalation training and methods of managing youth as described in the provider's policies and ARM 37.97.172;

(b) first aid and CPR certification; and

(c) maintain and update these trainings and certifications as required.

(7) Direct care staff may not work alone without completing the requirements of (5).

(8) The YCF shall provide ongoing training for staff to improve proficiency in their knowledge and skills. Training must be a minimum of 20 hours annually thereafter and appropriate for the level of care provided.

(9) All training must be documented and kept on file for each staff member, administrator, volunteer, and intern.


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