(1) A TGH must develop and implement a treatment plan for each youth in care based on the results of the clinical assessment. 

(2) The initial treatment plan must be developed within 10 business days of admission and include:

(a) names of treatment team members including the youth's family, relatives, and fictive kin of the youth, appropriate school personnel, placing agency representative, and other professionals as appropriate;

(b) contact information for all treatment team members;

(c) the youth's physical and medical needs;

(d) behavior management issues;

(e) short-term and long-term mental and behavioral goals with corresponding time frames;

(f) specific interventions with corresponding time frames in accordance with the TGH treatment model;

(g) identifying how the TGH will facilitate participation of family in the treatment of the youth, including siblings;

(h) identifying how the TGH will facilitate family visitation or contact outside of family therapy;

(i) criteria for the youth's completion of the program;

(j) education plans; and

(k) a discharge plan, including planning for aftercare services, and estimated discharge date.

(3) Treatment plans must be reviewed and updated at least every 30 days from the date of development and:

(a) be conducted face-to-face with the youth and document the input of the youth (over the age of 5), parent/legal guardian, and placing agency;

(b) include all treatment team members;

(c) be conducted at a time that is convenient for the youth's family; and

(d) if treatment team members are unable to attend face-to-face, telecommunication must be provided at a time that is convenient for the parent/legal guardian and placing agency;

(4) The TGH must document in the youth's case record notification to all treatment team members of the time and place of the treatment plan review.

(5) All direct care staff and treatment team members, including the mental health professional involved in the care of the youth, must read and sign off on the treatment plan within seven days of its development and update.

(6) A copy of the treatment plan must be provided to the youth's placing agency and parent/legal guardian within ten days of the plan's development or update.


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