(1) Marijuana items may only be transported between a registered premises, licensed testing laboratories, or a registered cardholder's home by a licensee or licensee employee.

(2) A printed transport manifest must accompany every transport of marijuana items. The manifest must contain the following information:

(a) registered premises address and license number of departure location;

(b) address and license number or cardholder number of receiving location;

(c) product name, quantities (by weight or unit), and unique identification numbers of each marijuana item to be transported;

(d) date and time of departure;

(e) date and time of arrival;

(f) delivery vehicle make, model, and license plate number; and

(g) name and signature of each licensee or licensee employee accompanying the transport.

(3) The transport manifest may not be voided or changed after departing from the originating registered premises.

(4) A copy of the transport manifest must be given to each location receiving the inventory described in the transport manifest.

(5) A registered premises is prohibited from receiving any marijuana items from transit without a valid transport manifest.

(6) The receiving location must ensure that the marijuana items received are as described in the transport manifest and must record receipt of the inventory.

(7) The receiving location must document any differences between the quantity specified in the transport manifest and the quantities received.

(8) Any vehicle transporting marijuana items must be capable of:

(a) keeping marijuana items in transit shielded from public view;

(b) securing (locking) the marijuana items during transportation; and

(c) being temperature controlled if perishable marijuana items are being transported.

(9) A licensee must contact the department within 24 hours if a vehicle transporting marijuana items is involved in an accident that involves product loss.

(10) Copies of the transport manifest and delivery receipts must be presented to law enforcement officers or authorized department employees if requested.


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