(1) Each person desiring to be an inspector must be trained and certified according to department standards. 

(2) An authorized inspector must be one of the following:

(a) a Montana county weed district employee or contractor;

(b) an employee or contractor of a state, provincial, or local government or federal agency responsible for managing legislated weed species within their jurisdiction;

(c) university extension agent;

(d) representative of a state crop improvement association; or

(e) employee or agent of another authority approved by the department.

(3) If an inspector intentionally falsifies the certificate of an inspection, that inspector will lose certification status.

(4)  An inspector may not inspect an entity or site in which the inspector has an ownership interest.


History: 80-7-902, MCA; IMP, 80-7-902, MCA; NEW, 2021 MAR p. 1048, Eff. 8/28/21.