10.102.1162    DEFERRALS

(1)  Any library may request, in writing, a waiver from the state librarian by July 25 of each year.              

(a)  The state librarian may grant a waiver of any of the standards in ARM 10.102.1158 through 10.102.1162 if the library:

(i) explains why the standard(s) is not being met; and

(ii)  provides a compliance plan by which the library will meet the standard(s).

(b)  State Library staff will work with the library director to decide upon a timeline for achieving the standard(s).  The state librarian shall make the final decision on the amount of time the library has to comply with the standard(s) and will notify the library requesting the waiver of the decision by letter by October 1.

(2)  Any library may request a one-year extension of the waiver from the state librarian in writing by July 25 of each year.  The library shall provide the state librarian with an updated compliance plan with an explanation of why they cannot meet the standard(s).

(3)  The state librarian may grant an extension for one year only.  No further extensions will be granted.


History: 22-1-103, MCA; IMP, 22-1-103, MCA; NEW, 2021 MAR p. 1138, Eff. 7/1/22.