(1) Licensees must ensure the machines, devices, and implements they use fall within their scope(s) of practice.

(2) All machines, devices, implements, shelves, tables, sinks, and other equipment used in connection with the operation of a salon, shop, mobile salon or shop, or school must be:

(a) constructed to be easily cleaned; and

(b) maintained in sanitary and safe conditions at all times.

(3) Salons, shops, mobile salons or shops, and schools must maintain copies of the manufacturers'/owners' manuals on-site for all equipment in service.

(4) For the practice of manicuring, only electric file machines specifically manufactured for use in the nail industry are permitted. Modified craft or hobby tools are prohibited.

(a) Only bits specifically manufactured for use on the natural nail plate shall be used on the natural nail.

(b) Metal bits and disposable sanding bands made specifically for use on natural nail may be used in that manner and may be used on the acrylic surface covering the nail.

(5) For the practice of esthetics:

(a) only microdermabrasion machines specifically manufactured for use in esthetics services are permitted. Modified or medical machines may not be used. Microdermabrasion machines must be:

(i) closed systems only;

(ii) maintained in sanitary and safe conditions at all times, including but not limited to changing filters in accordance with OSHA and manufacturer requirements; and

(iii) used only in accordance with specific manufacturer directions;

(b) solid or liquid abrasives used in microdermabrasion machines are for single-use purpose only and shall be discarded after each use in accordance with federal, state, and local disposal regulations;

(c) the use of abrasive tips are allowed if used and sterilized in accordance with specific manufacturer directions; and

(d) single-use plastic tips are allowed and must be disposed of after each use.


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