(1) All licensees, including salons, shops, mobile salons or shops, and schools shall display all current licenses conspicuously in public view. Addresses on personal licenses may be covered.

(2) Booth renters shall also:

(a) post a legible sign, of at least six inches by three inches, that the booth/station is a booth rental and is rented by the booth renter; and

(b) clearly label all other areas of the salon or shop maintained by the renter including, but not limited to, retail, "roll-abouts," carts, and manicure tables.

(3) Mobile salons or shops shall also conspicuously post the mobile salon or shop license on the exterior of the mobile salon or shop.

(4) Licensees seeking to offer mechanical exfoliation or microdermabrasion services shall obtain an endorsement by the board prior to practicing.

(a) To obtain an endorsement, licensees shall complete an additional 50 hours of continuing education in the field of microdermabrasion as follows:

(i) histology of the skin;

(ii) bacteriology;

(iii) client consultation and protection;

(iv) client pre-care and post-care;

(v) product knowledge;

(vi) theory of technical application of microdermabrasion;

(vii) sanitation and safety;

(viii) disposal of waste products; and

(ix) practical application and observation.

(b) A minimum of 50 percent of the required hours must be taught in theory.

(5) Licensees shall submit to the board a notarized copy of a certificate of completion of training for each machine or device to be used by the licensee. Each certificate must include:

(a) licensee name;

(b) date training was completed;

(c) number of hours of training;

(d) name of manufacturer; and

(e) model number of the machine.

(6) Licensees shall advise clients of the necessity for protection of the skin prior to and following an exfoliation procedure.


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