(1) The premises of all salons, shops, mobile salons or shops, and schools must be kept in clean and safe conditions at all times per the requirements in statute and this chapter.

(2) No services connected with a salon, shop, mobile salon or shop, or school can be conducted in any room used as living or sleeping quarters.

(3) No other business, service, or practice may be conducted or provided in a salon, shop, mobile salon or shop, or school unless separated by a full-length partition, except those:

(a) regulated by the board; or

(b) related to the industries regulated by the board.

(4) Animals are permitted on the premises of a salon, shop, or mobile salon or shop only as follows:

(a) Animals assisting individuals with disabilities must be accompanied as specified in 49-4-214, MCA.

(b) Dogs may be permitted on the premises at any time at the discretion of the licensee, after the licensee:

(i) provides proof of current rabies vaccination records for each dog on the premises, and makes such proof available to the board inspector;

(ii) provides a certificate of insurance for liability insurance covering each dog on the premises and maintains a copy of the certificate on the premises; and

(iii) posts a legible sign at or near the entrance of the salon, shop, or mobile salon or shop indicating that there is a dog present on the premises.

(c) Fish are permitted in enclosed tanks or aquariums only.

(d) All other animals are prohibited on the premises of salons, shops, or mobile salons or shops at any time, unless the licensee has submitted a request for a variance that has been approved by the board as provided in rule.


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