(1)  A producer may submit a written request to the commissioner to evaluate a training course or courses with components substantially similar to those required, and prohibited, by 33-20-807(2), MCA.  

(2)  The written request must:

(a)  be made within 12 months of the producer attending the course or courses to be considered;

(b)  be accompanied by a time-stamped syllabus or similar material that:

(i)  shows the content of the course or courses; and

(ii)  establishes the minimum length of training under 33-20-807(2)(b), (f)(i), or (f)(ii), MCA, as applicable;

(c)  include a narrative description, annotated syllabus, or similar cross-reference showing where each of the topics required by ARM 6.6.812(3)(b), as applicable to the producer, were addressed in the course or courses; and

(d)  contain a sworn statement that the course or courses did not include any information on marketing, sales techniques, or the specific aspects of a particular insurer's products.

(3) The commissioner will approve or deny the request within 60 days. 


History: 33-1-313, MCA; IMP, 33-20-807, MCA; NEW, 2021 MAR p. 1206, Eff. 10/1/21.