38.3.706    ENDORSEMENTS

(1) All insurance policies issued by the insurance company to the carrier must include, at time of issuance, the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this rule and repeated on endorsement forms approved by the commission and identified as "Endorsement MV4," "Endorsement MV2," and "Endorsement MV-TNC" available from the commission.

(2) The following terms, conditions, and requirements are deemed a substantive part of all policies issued, and are incorporated therein:

(a) Casualty (liability) insurance for class A, C, and D carriers (Endorsement MV4) shall be issued in an amount no less than:

(i) $100,000 for 7 passengers or less;

(ii) $500,000 for 8 to 15 passengers;

(iii) $750,000 for 16 to 26 passengers;

(iv) except any class A motor carrier, other than as provided in (a)(i), operating under a certificate of public convenience and necessity or certificate of compliance authorizing passenger operations only within a particular city or 10-mile radius is required to carry a minimum of $500,000 insurance regardless of size of vehicle used;

(v) $100,000 for transportation of nonhazardous freight in a vehicle designed, equipped, and primarily intended for transportation of seven passengers or less or a vehicle of manufacturer's GVW rating of 10,000 pounds or less designed, equipped, and primarily intended for transportation of cargo;

(vi) $500,000 for transportation of nonhazardous freight for all other vehicles.

(b) Liability insurance for class E carriers (Endorsement MV-TNC) shall be issued as specified in 69-12-343, MCA.

(3) These endorsements must be executed, countersigned, and attached to the original policy when issued.


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