(1) Election officials, as designated in 13-19-307, MCA, shall:

(a) be duly appointed as provided by 13-19-307, MCA;

(b) take and subscribe to the appropriate oath of office;

(c) serve for the duration of the conduct of that specific election;

(d) be duly trained by the election administrator;

(e) be personally available at such place of deposit as specified in 13-19-307, MCA;

(f) permit one poll watcher from each political party to be stationed in a location at each place of deposit during the days and times that the place of deposit is open that is near enough to observe the depositing ballots but does not interfere with those deposits;

(g) under the conditions specified in (f), permit additional poll watchers at the request of a candidate, a group of candidates, or any group having an interest in the election so long as the number of poll watchers at the place of deposit does not interfere with the depositing of ballots;

(h) personally insure that all required procedures are adhered to; and

(i) personally ensure that all ballots and other official materials in their possession are and remain secure at all times.


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