(1) The following written information shall be made available to all parents:

(a) a typical daily schedule of activities;

(b) admission requirements, enrollment procedures, hours of operation;

(c) frequency and type of meals and snacks served;

(d) fees and payment plan;

(e) regulations concerning sick children;

(f) transportation and trip arrangements;

(g) discipline policies; and

(h) department day care licensing requirements.

(2) A day care facility shall post a copy of the facility registration or license and the phone number of state and local Early Childhood and Family Support Division offices in a conspicuous place. Parents should be encouraged to contact the division if they have questions regarding the license or the day care regulations.

(3) The licensee or registrant shall allow custodial and non-custodial parental access as well as access by legal guardians to the facility at any time during which child day care services are provided, unless there is a current court order preventing parent-child contact.


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