(1) Each facility must have a director. The director is responsible for operation of the child care facility at all times and must ensure appropriate safety, supervision, protection, and guidance of the children.

(2) The director must meet the following requirements:

(a) be at least 18 years of age;

(b) be immunized pursuant to ARM 37.95.160;

(c) sign a health attestation;

(d) meet background check requirements of ARM 37.95.161;

(e) successfully complete a program management course within 60 days of becoming a director;

(f) be current on the Montana ECP Practitioner Registry;

(g) have current certification for infant, child, and adult CPR, infant choking response, and pediatric first aid. CPR must be completed in a hands-on setting; and

(h) successfully complete required early childhood teacher orientation as indicated in ARM 37.95.163.

(3) In the absence of the director, a staff member must be designated to oversee the operation of the facility. The director or designee must be in charge and physically available while children are present, and must ensure there are sufficient, qualified, and approved staff so that the care, wellbeing, health and safety needs of children are met at all times.

(4) If the director will be absent from the facility for more than 30 continuous days, the department must be given written notice of the individual who has been appointed the designee. The appointed designee must meet all the requirements of this rule.

(5) The director must ensure compliance with all applicable administrative rules.

(6) The director or designee must review every incident or accident causing injury to a child resulting in medical or dental care, and document the appropriate corrective action taken to avoid a reoccurrence.


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