(1) The total cost of a chance in a sports event, or in a sports event for a series sports pool as described in ARM 23.16.1705(3)(b), is unlimited. The total cost for each chance must be paid in full and in cash at the time the chance is selected.

(2) If the actual number of sports events conducted as part of a series of events is less than the number of events for which chances were sold, the sponsor shall refund to each participant the money paid for chances on those events that were not conducted.

(3) After sale of the chances begins, the sponsor:

(a) may not cancel the sports pool or alter it in any manner, except as provided in ARM 23.16.1702; and

(b) shall award all prizes at the end of the sports event or series of events in accordance with the information displayed under ARM 23.16.1702.

(4) In an authorized sports pool in which a competitor is randomly assigned to each participant purchasing a chance in the pool, a participant may not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer his competitor to another person.

(5) All money paid to participate in a sports pool must be maintained separately from all other monies. No portion of the money collected in the sale of sports pool chances, including any share designated for charitable purposes, if any, may be separated from the total amount of proceeds collected on the sports pool board until after the sports event upon which the pool was based has occurred.


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