23.16.1918    TESTING FEES

(1) Each person submitting an EPRS capable of interfacing with a VGM, VGM, AARS, CTVS, or a modification to an approved EPRS capable of interfacing with a VGM, VGM, AARS, or CTVS for testing and department approval must:

(a) be licensed as a manufacturer, accounting system vendor, or associated gambling business within the state of Montana;

(b) at the time of submission deposit with the department a sum of money to begin testing. This sum is to be as follows:

(i) VGMs, $10,000;

(ii) CTVS, $5,000;

(iii) AARS, $15,000;

(iv) EPRS, $5,000; 

(v) modification to an approved EPRS, VGM, CTVS, or AARS, $1,000.

(2) This account will be charged at the rate of $130 per hour.

(3) The division will provide an accounting to the submitting person for charges assessed and will refund any overpayment. The department will notify the submitting person of any underpayment and collect that money prior to giving notice of its intended action.


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