(1) DLI delivers HELP Act services and assistance to participants through its contracted agencies.

(a) The types of services and assistance available to participants through contracted agencies generally fall in to one of the following four categories:

(i) career services;

(ii) training services;

(iii) worksite learning services; and

(iv) supportive services.

(b) Participants may also be eligible for referral to other workforce development programs, qualified training providers, employers, and any other suitable program or service provider.

(2) A participant's initial service must consist of an assessment. An assessment is a formal evaluation of the participant's:

(a) occupational talents, skills, and potential for increasing economic self-sufficiency; and

(b) probable barriers to employment.

(3) After having obtained an assessment, in order to become a program participant, the individual must develop an approved employment goal in a high-wage and in-demand career field.

(4) A program participant will remain active as long as the individual continues to actively participate in the education, training, or worksite learning activities identified to reach their approved employment goal.


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