(1) Comprehensive school and community treatment (CSCT) services must be provided as set forth in ARM 37.106.1916, 37.106.1955, 37.106.1956, 37.106.1960, 37.106.1961, and 37.106.1965 in order to receive payment under this program.

(2) Youth referred to the CSCT program must be served in sequential order as determined by the priorities below based upon acuity and need, regardless of payer:

(a) without treatment the youth may become at risk of self-harm or harm to others;

(b) the youth requires support for transition from intensive out-of-home or community-based services;

(c) the youth is currently receiving CSCT services and is transitioning to a new school or provider;

(d) the youth meets the serious emotional disturbance criteria;

(e) the youth has not responded to positive behavior interventions and supports; or

(f) the youth is not attending school due to the mental health condition of the youth.


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