42.39.501    INSPECTIONS

(1) Subject to the authority and restrictions under 16-12-210, MCA, the department may conduct inspections to determine compliance with the marijuana laws. 

(2) The department may conduct the following types of inspections:

(a) initial application;

(b) renewal application;

(c) licensure level increase;

(d) complaint;

(e) deficiency follow-up; and

(f) suspension expiration.

(3) A licensee and its employees must cooperate with the department during an inspection.  A licensee must allow inspectors full access to the licensed premises, provide requested copies of documents or videos, and allow inspectors to complete an inspection. Failure on the part of a licensee to cooperate could result in denial, reprimand, suspension, or revocation of a license. 

(4) If a department inspection reveals that an applicant or licensee is not in compliance with the marijuana laws, the department shall:

(a) issue a deficiency report pursuant to ARM 42.39.502 to notify the applicant or licensee of the specific deficiencies or errors; or

(b) issue a notice of proposed department action.


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