(1) Every hospital and critical access hospital shall submit an annual financial report to the department on a form provided by the department by the deadline specified on the form. The annual financial report must be signed by the hospital administrator and must include whichever of the following information is requested on the form:

(a) hospital revenues for both acute and long-term care units, including:

(i) gross revenue from inpatient and outpatient service;

(ii) deductions for contractual adjustments, bad debts, charity, etc.;

(iii) other operating revenue;

(iv) nonoperating revenue (such as government appropriations, mill levies, contributions, grants, etc.);

(b) hospital expenses for both acute and long-term care units, including:

(i) payroll expenses for all categories of personnel;

(ii) nonpayroll expenses, including employee benefits, professional fees, depreciation expense, interest expense, others;

(c) detail of deductions for both acute and long-term care units, including:

(i) bad debts;

(ii) contractual adjustments (specifying medicare, medicaid, blue cross or other);

(iii) charity/Hill-Burton;

(iv) other;

(d) medicaid and medicare program revenue for both acute and long-term care units;

(e) unrestricted fund assets, including dollar amounts of:

(i) current cash and short-term investments;

(ii) current receivables and other current assets;

(iii) gross plant and equipment assets; deductions for accumulated depreciation;

(iv) long-term investments;

(v) other;

(f) unrestricted fund liabilities, including dollar amounts of:

(i) current liabilities;

(ii) long-term debts;

(iii) other liabilities;

(iv) unrestricted fund balance;

(g) restricted fund balances, with identification of specific purposes for which funds are reserved, including plant replacement and expansion, and endowment funds;

(h) capital expenditures made during the reporting period, including expenditures, disposals and retirements for land, building and improvements, fixed and moveable equipment, and construction in progress;

(i) whether a permanent change in bed complement or in the number of hospital services offered will result from any capital acquisition projects begun during the reporting period (specify);

(j) whether a certificate of need was received for any projects during the reporting period, and if so, the total capital authorization included in such approvals.

(2) Any facility failing to timely report such information to the department may be subject to corrective action.


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