(1) The pharmacist-in-charge may apply to the board for approval to use the services of a pharmacy technician, including the use of authorized health care licensees, as described in ARM 24.174.701(1)(f), to assist pharmacists in the administration of vaccines, in compliance with state and federal requirements, by submitting to the board:

(a) an application on a form prescribed by the board;

(b) a summary of the technician utilization plan, to include information showing compliance with all requirements set forth in these rules, plus all other requirements of 37-7-307, 37-7-308, and 37-7-309, MCA, and this chapter;

(c) the appropriate fee for initial approval of the technician utilization plan;

(d) any changes in the technician utilization plan, including technician training and use of other health care licensees for administration of vaccines, as described in ARM 24.174.701(1)(f), must be resubmitted to the board for approval before implementation of the changes by the supervising pharmacist.

(2) Any number of registered pharmacists employed in the same pharmacy may sign as supervising pharmacist of a pharmacy technician on a single technician utilization plan submitted for approval to the board by that pharmacy.

(3) A pharmacist-in-charge may apply to the board to designate that pharmacy as a technician training site for a board-approved academic program curriculum. If the pharmacy training site does not have an approved technician utilization plan in place, the pharmacy may substitute an academic program training plan, assessment criteria and periodic contact plan for board approval, for the purpose of providing on-the-job experience for technician trainees.

(4) A technician utilization plan must be available for inspection by the board.


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