(1) Competitive bid forms must be submitted electronically to the department.

(2) The deadline to submit a bid is ten business days from the date of the last publication notice required in ARM 42.12.502(3).

(3) The department shall notify the highest bidder, in writing, if any deficiencies exist on the highest bidder's bid form. The highest bidder shall have the opportunity to correct any deficiencies by submitting a revised bid form within five business days of being notified.

(4) A bidder will be disqualified from the competitive bidding process if:

(a) the competitive bid form is not received on or before the deadline;

(b) any individual listed as an owner, partner, member, officer, or director is younger than 19 years of age at the time of the competitive bid closing;

(c) the bidder's bid amount is less than the minimum bid amount;

(d) the bidder fails to include an irrevocable letter of credit from a financial institution;

(e) the irrevocable letter of credit fails to identify the department as the beneficiary; or

(f) the irrevocable letter of credit is not equal to or greater than the bidder's bid amount.


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