(1) Claimants and employers must respond in a timely manner to all department requests for information. The department shall notify claimants and employers of the established deadline for each submission. When a deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the submission may occur no later than the next business day. This rule does not apply to the filing of weekly payment requests under ARM 24.11.443.

(2) Claimants and employers may submit information to the department using the following means:

(a) telephone contact with a customer service representative at the department's claims processing center during the center's published business hours.

(b) mailing a written submission to the department. Submissions by mail of responses to department requests for information must be received by the department (not postmarked) by the established deadline.

(c) electronic submission by means designated by the department.

(d) facsimile transmission at the fax number designated by the department.

(3) Interested parties shall respond to initial requests for information from the department within eight calendar days.  Interested parties shall respond to any subsequent request for information from the department within two business days.

(a) These times may be extended solely on a finding by the department that the interested party had good cause for the untimely response.


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