(1) Certified methamphetamine cleanup contractor refresher training courses must be taught by a person with a current training provider certificate issued pursuant to ARM 17.74.514 and must include, at a minimum, eight hours of training. This training must include:

(a) a thorough review of the subjects required under ARM 17.74.511;

(b) an update of information on state-of-the-art procedures and equipment;

(c) a review of regulatory changes and interpretation; and

(d) other subjects as necessary to update information on new technology and procedures.

(2) A training provider may maintain their certification as an inhabitable property decontamination contractor by either:

(a) attending a refresher training course that meets all the requirements in (1); or

(b) teaching a refresher course that meets all the requirements of (1) and is attended by three or more students, not including the training provider.


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