(1) A supervising pharmacist shall:

(a) provide initial training to a pharmacy technician that relates to the tasks the technician may perform pursuant to the supervising pharmacist's utilization plan; and

(b) prepare and maintain a written record of initial and inservice training for on-site inspection by the board. The record shall contain the following information:

(i) name and signature of the person receiving the training;

(ii) dates of the training;

(iii) general description of the topics covered; and

(iv) name and signature of the person supervising the training.

(2) An initial training program must include on-the-job practical training and didactic education that is commensurate with the tasks and functions a pharmacy technician may perform. A supervising pharmacist must obtain the board's approval of an initial training program prior to undertaking the training of a pharmacy technician pursuant to the program.

(3) Verification of completion of training, by test or otherwise, shall be recorded by the supervising pharmacist, and shall be available for inspection with the training record.

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