24.22.322    DEFINITIONS

For the purposes of this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Conference" means a meeting, seminar, discussion, or other similar event where the principal presentation, in the format of a lecture or similar presentation, is the primary purpose, and participation by attendees is a secondary purpose.

(2) "Credential" means a nationally recognized degree or certification or state-recognized credential. Credentials include, but are not limited to post-secondary degrees/certificates, recognized skill standards, licensure or industry-recognized certificates (i.e., ASE car repair, Hazmat, CAN, CDL, Boiler Operator, Flag Person, Heavy Equipment Operator, etc.), and all state education agency recognized credentials.

(3) "Predominately year-round job" means a position that provides work in at least 11 months of a 12-month period.


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