(1) The applicant for licensure may apply to take the Montana medication aide I exam if the applicant:

(a) has completed a board-approved medication aide I training program as outlined in these rules; or

(b) holds an unencumbered certification or license in another state or U.S. jurisdiction to administer medications.

(2) In order to be licensed as a medication aide I in Montana, the applicant shall pass the board-approved medication aide I exam.

(a) The applicant may take the examination up to three times. If not successful on the third try, the applicant must retake and pass the medication aide I training program before being eligible to take the examination again.

(b) The applicant must pass the exam within 12 months of satisfactorily completing the medication aide I training program, or else the applicant must complete the training program again before being eligible to take the exam.


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