(1) Each assisted living category C facility or unit must, prior to admission, inform the resident's legal representative in writing of the following:

(a) the overall philosophy and mission of the facility regarding meeting the needs of residents afflicted with severe cognitive impairment and the form of care or treatment offered;

(b) the process and criteria for move-in, transfer, and discharge;

(c) the process used for resident assessment;

(d) the process used to establish and implement a health care plan, including how the health care plan will be updated in response to changes in the resident's condition;

(e) staff training and continuing education practices;

(f) the physical environment and design features appropriate to support the functioning of cognitively impaired residents;

(g) the frequency and type of resident activities;

(h) the level of involvement expected of families and the availability of support programs; and

(i) any additional costs of care or fees.

(2) The facility must provide a resident or a resident's legal representative with written documentation of the information specified in (1). A copy of this exchange must be kept as part of the resident file.


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