(1) Vehicles meeting the requirements of 61-10-141(1) and (3), MCA, are required to stop at all weigh stations displaying an open sign unless authorized to bypass within ARM 18.8.1302.

(2) Vehicles being operated by carriers enrolled in electronic weigh station bypass programs are subject to jurisdictional bypass restrictions and regardless of receiving a bypass signal, must enter an open weigh station when any of the following conditions apply:

(a) overweight;

(b) width exceeding 10 feet;

(c) height exceeding 15 feet 6 inches;

(d) length exceeding 120 feet;

(e) oversize in excess of legal dimensions as outlined in 61-10-102, 61-10-103, and 61-10-104, MCA, without a valid permit.

(3) A violation of this rule is punishable as provided by law.


History: 61-10-141, 61-10-155, MCA; IMP, 61-10-141, MCA; NEW, 2004 MAR p. 2392, Eff. 10/8/04; AMD, 2014 MAR p. 2012, Eff. 9/5/14; AMD, 2019 MAR p. 175, Eff. 2/9/19; AMD, 2022 MAR p. 1832, Eff. 9/24/22.